Crossbreed Holsters and Belts

Winner of the GCA 2021 Summer Promotion!

Winner of the Glock Collectors Association 2021 Summer Membership Promotion! The prize package is a Crossbreed Reckoning holster and a Crossover belt.
GLOCK G37 Gen3 Review and 45 GAP

GLOCK G37 Gen3 Review and 45 GAP

I had the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the 45 GAP. I bought a used G37 Gen3 for a song. The 45 GAP is a unique caliber that does exactly w...
Umarex GLOCK G17 Gen5 Paintball Marker

A .43 Caliber GLOCK?

The GLOCK 17 Gen5 T4E is a .43-caliber GLOCK replica developed and manufactured in Germany. The new Umarex GLOCK 17 paintball marker is CO2-powered pistol made for paintball sports. 
glock 2021 challenge coin

2021 GLOCK Collectors Association Coin

The 2021 GLOCK Collectors Association coin is finished. These limited edition coins not only celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GCA but the 35th...
Glock Maritime cups

What Are GLOCK Maritime Cups?

What Are GLOCK Maritime Cups?
GLOCK maritime cups are designed to allow the striker to operated even if the firing pin channel has liquid or debris.
glock 22 gen 4 review

GLOCK To Phase Out Gen4 40 S&W Pistols

GLOCK is phasing out the Gen4 40 S&W pistols. That's no surprise since the announcement of .40 S&W caliber Gen5 pistols. Should you grab a Gen4?
Update On The GLOCK Mariner

Update On The GLOCK Mariner

Thanks all for your emails about the GLOCK Mariner. As you know, Lipsey's had 3,900 of these unique G19 Gen3 pistols and sold them to dealers, who ...
GLOCK Mariner from Lipseys

GLOCK Mariner G19 Gen3

We have received a bunch of emails about the GLOCK Mariner pistol and this is what we have on the Mariner. GLOCK manufactured these G19 Gen3 pistols for a foreign military contract.
Croosbreed reckoning Holster and Classic Gun Belt

2021 Summer Membership Promotion: Crossbreed Holster and Belt

We have an excellent prize package for our new 2021 Summer Membership Promotion. We’ve partnered with Crossbreed Holster who graciously donated the...
2021 GCA Coin

2021 GCA Coin

You have asked. In fact many of you have asked: Why is the 2021 GCA coin coming out? Well, your wait is over. It took a few time--actually a alot o...
2021 GLOCK Club patch

2021 GCA Patch Is Here!

There is so much to acknowledge and celebrate this year we really could have used two patches to tell the story! First off GLOCK has rebooted the ...
2021 GLOCK serial numbers and prefixes

The 2021 Master Journal--with GLOCK Serial Numbers--Is Complete!

The Master Journal is revised and published each time GLOCK introduces a new pistol. Ans in the past few years there have been many GLOCK pistols released. The the most current pistols to be introduced are the Gen5 .40 S&W guns. There are five .40 S&W Gen5 guns released: G22, G22 MOS, G23, G23 MOS, G27 and G35 MOS. The Matrix has been updated to reflect the First Run of new Gen5 .40 caliber pistols.