What Was The First GLOCK Made? The First Five Pistols

In late 1985, Mr. Glock authorized the incorporation of GLOCK Inc. and exported five model 17 pistols to the United States for submission to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms as sales samples. The serial numbers of the first five pistols imported for GLOCK Inc. are: AN0l 1 US, AN012US, AN013US, AN014US, AN015US.
BATF records reflect they received a GLOCK 17 serial number AN012US on November 11, 1985 for evaluation. Subsequently, BATF notified GLOCK Inc., that the GLOCK-17 pistol met import criteria, approving the pistol for sale in the United States. (This rare pistol is at the BATF Museum.)
During January 1986 after receiving BATF import approval GLOCK Inc. began importing the GLOCK model 17. Initial sales were made directly to law enforcement agencies and through a small number of commercial distributors. The first 1,000 GLOCK model 17 pistols imported had serial numbers AF000US through AF999US. One would assume the first pistols imported would have started with the prefix "AA", were actually imported in October 1986.

g17 gen1

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  • Glock 17 serial # AP 441 made in Austria year made. Thanks

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