Big Bore Plastic G21 SF Gen 3

Big Bore Plastic G21 SF Gen 3

In the hand the G21 SF still had a flat, boxy feeling across the weak side grip, but the SF was nevertheless more pleasant to handle. In fact, we thought the SF did the best job of handling recoil, especially when firing the 230-grain FMJ rounds that produced the most felt recoil.
glock mos red dot

Best red dot for GLOCK MOS Pistols?

Running the G17 Gen 5 and G19 Gen 5 MOS pistols through their paces, I found there are a variety of small, compact red dot reflex sights available. What features do I like in a reflex sight? The Shield Sights RMS-W is a great option.
Glock 18 being fired

Rare GLOCK G18 Operator School Video - Extended Version

The GLOCK 18 is a selective-fire variant of the G17. The G18 was first produced in 1986, and features a lever-type fire-control selector switch, installed on the serrated portion of the rear left side of the slide.
g17 mos plate

How Does The G17 Gen4 Perform with Optics?

The G17 Gen4 performed well with optics, and they were easy to install with plenty of adapter plates. We would have preferred taller sights.
g17 gen 3 accuracy

G17 Gen 3

GLOCK G17 Gen 3 9mm The Glock G17 Gen3 ran without malfunction throughout our tests, and we think its performance did nothing to lower its stand...
g39 slide release

The G39 In .45 GAP Is Powerful, But Ammo Choices Are Limited

Glock Model 39 45 GAP The 39 makes for a powerful, accurate backup gun, but ammo choices limit it somewhat. Primarily, .45 GAP ammunition differs ...
45 gap accuracy

G37 In .45 GAP

What the .45 ACP is to the 1911, the .45 GAP may become to the polymer pistol. There are plenty of satisfied customers out there with Glock 40s and 9mm pistols, but we think the G37 does the best job of managing recoil and blast while providing big-bullet stopping power.
40 caliber glock long slide

G35 Gen 3 Long Slide .40 Caliber: Serious Business for Serious Shooters

GLOCK 35 Long Slide .40 caliber is Serious Business for Serious Shooters. This GLOCK is an out-of-the-box racer with the company's best trigger and ergonomics yet. Accuracy is rewarding. On this model, GLOCK added an adjustable rear sight, extended mag and slide releases, a slicked-up trigger, and they even snuck in some
glock 36

G36 .45 ACP Subcompact GLOCK

Glock 36 45 ACP Not the most attractive pistol, the Glock 36 was fairly good, we thought, as a fighting tool. Repeat shots were quick, but it took...
Glock 34 Gen 3 Long Slide

G34 Gen 3 Long Slide

The G34 configuration (shared by the 40 caliber G35) is the only Glock sold with adjustable sights as standard equipment.
glock 31 gen 2

.357 SIG: Glock’s Reliable Model 31

The Glock 31 wasn’t handsome, but it was reliable. Also, its human engineering was first rate, and accuracy was better than we expected.
glock 30sf

Soft Shooting G30SF In 45 ACP

The primary difference between the G30 and G30SF pistols was the short frame that settled deeper into the shooter’s palm, making it easier to maintain a solid grip on the pistol. This also helped the shooter isolate and better control the trigger finger.