French Army GLOCK

GLOCK Awarded Pistol Contract for the French Army

French Army adopts GLOCK G17 GEN5 to replace decades old 
PA MAS G1 S and PA MAC50 pistols.
GLOCK rimfire

GLOCK 44 Video, First Shots

This video shows the new GLOCK rimfire, the G44, in action.
glock 44 review intial test

PDW: G44: A Review of Glock’s First Rimfire Pistol as It Relates to the G19

Glock shocked the industry with the release of its first rimfire pistol, the G44, which proved fast, light and fun during initial range testing.
ashley rheuark glock 44

Ashley Rheuark of Team GLOCK Running the G44

This video is from the GLOCK G44 Launch Event. It's a short clip of Team GLOCK shooter Ashley Rheuark Running the .22 LR G44.
glock 19 vs glock 44

GLOCK 44 vs GLOCK 19 Gen5

Exclusive photos of the new GLOCK 44
glock 44 rimfire

More on the GLOCK 44

The G44 is really light weight. It weighs 15.94 ounces unloaded. A G19 weighs 30.16 ounces. And, if you are wondering, it has the typical GLOCK tri...
glock 44

GLOCK's Big Reveal: G44 .22 LR

Just finished with the big reveal and GLOCK is starting a new chapter with a rimfire GLOCK G44. The pistols has had upwards of 12K rounds of testin...
glock 2019 event, chuck norris

GLOCK's Big Event

So I've checked into the GLOCK Event. We're outside of Atlanta at the FoxHall Resort. The place is country chic and I still can't get a clue what the big reveal will be tomorrow. GLOCK's people are tight lipped, like a seized up slide on a HighPoint.
glock new product announcement

Big GLOCK News to Break December 10

I think the GLOCK event will be either:

  • Introduction of the model 44. Why has GLOCK completely ignored a model 44? Is the number 44 bad luck in Austria? Is this the lost waited single stack .45 ACP? Wouldn't it have made more sense to name chamber the model 45 in .45 ACP?
  • A commercial version of the GLOCK model 47. You know G47 models will eventually hit the commercial market just like the FBL GLOCK 17M guns. BTW-I hear 19M pistols will hit the market in December.
Big Bore Plastic G21 SF Gen 3

Big Bore Plastic G21 SF Gen 3

In the hand the G21 SF still had a flat, boxy feeling across the weak side grip, but the SF was nevertheless more pleasant to handle. In fact, we thought the SF did the best job of handling recoil, especially when firing the 230-grain FMJ rounds that produced the most felt recoil.
glock mos red dot

Best red dot for GLOCK MOS Pistols?

Running the G17 Gen 5 and G19 Gen 5 MOS pistols through their paces, I found there are a variety of small, compact red dot reflex sights available. What features do I like in a reflex sight? The Shield Sights RMS-W is a great option.
Glock 18 being fired

Rare GLOCK G18 Operator School Video - Extended Version

The GLOCK 18 is a selective-fire variant of the G17. The G18 was first produced in 1986, and features a lever-type fire-control selector switch, installed on the serrated portion of the rear left side of the slide.