2021 GLOCK serial numbers and prefixes

The 2021 Master Journal--with GLOCK Serial Numbers--Is Complete!

The Master Journal is revised and published each time GLOCK introduces a new pistol. Ans in the past few years there have been many GLOCK pistols released. The the most current pistols to be introduced are the Gen5 .40 S&W guns. There are five .40 S&W Gen5 guns released: G22, G22 MOS, G23, G23 MOS, G27 and G35 MOS. The Matrix has been updated to reflect the First Run of new Gen5 .40 caliber pistols.
2020 Fall/Winter Membership Promotion Annouced

2020 Fall/Winter Membership Promotion Annouced

Jeffery H. from FL is the winner of the 2020 Fall/Winter Membership promotion. Jeffery will receive a G44 Plinker's Sling backpack, GLOCK Range Kit...
custom glock magazine floor plate

GCA Custom GLOCK Magazine Floor Plates

Our GCA GLOCK magazine floor plates have been popular with members and non-members. Members can opt to have their membership number laser engraved ...
glock annual, glock buyers guide

We Don't Need No Stinking Coupon Codes

When you add the 2020 GLOCK Annual and 2020 GLOCK Buyer's Guide Comb to your shopping cart you will get an automatic 20% off the combo.
The MATRIX Update

The MATRIX Update

Part of the value of being a GCA member is access to the Matrix. The Matrix is a list of all first run upon introduction pistol prefixes and serial...
2020 GLOCK Annual

2020 GLOCK Annual & 2020 GLOCK Buyer's Guide Combo

Get a new copy of the 2020 GLOCK Annual and the new 2020 GLOCK Buyer's Guide.
Combat Hanguns Glock P80

GLOCK Retro P80 in Jan./Feb. Combat Handguns

I still get jazzed when one of my stories makes the cover and I'm especially pleased with GLOCK and Lipsey's reintroduction of the P80. This is ess...
glock sling backpack

2020 Fall/Winter Membership Promotion

GLOCK Sling Backpack with the G44 logo (which makes this a rare GLOCK pack), a GLOCK Range Kit with ear and eye protection, and a GLOCK hat with the US flag.
glock g22 gen5, g22 gen5, new glock 40 caliber

GLOCK Releases Five Gen5 .40 Caliber Pistols

GLOCK hasn't issued a press release, but go to the GLOCK US website and you will see five new GLOCK Gen 5 40 caliber pistols. The new Gen5 40 cali...
2020 Glock Buyers Guide

2020 GLOCK Buyer's Guide

The 2020 GLOCK Buyers Guide contains all the pistol specifications on GLOCK pistols manufactured in 2020. Buy now.
uscg glock

U.S. Coast Guard Selects GLOCK Pistols

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has selected and begun fielding GLOCK G19 Gen 5 MOS pistols after a thorough review of testing results. According to J...
glock g17 gen 1

Why Is the GLOCK 17 Called 17?

Why Is the GLOCK 17 Called 17? The GLOCK 17 was named after the number patent filed by Mr. Glock during the development of the pistol.