glock 21 gen5 mos left

New GLOCK 21 Gen5 MOS

With the introduction of the the G21 Gen5 MOS chambered in .45 AUTO. the Gen5 lineup now offered a favorite, big bore American caliber. Finally a heavy hitting caliber is now part of the GLOCK Gen5 family of pistols.
Finally! A G47 For The Commercial Market

Finally! A G47 For The Commercial Market

The new G47 MOS offers all the same reliability and performance as the G17 Gen5 MOS, but with a shortened dust cover and it is available to the commercial market.
New GLOCK Pistols 2023

New GLOCK Guns For 2023 Just Announced

GLOCK just announced the introduction of three new GLOCK pistols: A G20 Gen5 MOS, a G21 Gen5 MOS and a G47 MOS. GLOCK adds big bores to the Gen5 family and a commercial version of the G47.
Glock 20 with ACOG

G20 Gen3 ACOG Red Dot Sight!

The GCA recently received an email about a Glock 20 that was given as a gift. The new owner was looking to learn more about it as it seems to be a...
gunmen tj mullin

Gunmen: A Collection of Shorts Stories From the New, Old West

T.J. Mullin has been a GCA member since nearly the beginning, when the club first started in 1995. Mullin is also an author with numerous books published. Gunmen is a fiction non-fiction book of short stories in the same style as Unintended Consequences.
glock 45 mos agency gun

GLOCK Offers Agencies G45 Pistol Optics Packages

The G45 MOS “Direct Cut” Agency Guns are available with Aimpoint ACRO P2, Trijicon SRO or RM06, or the Holosun 508T or 509T. Iron sights include either Ameriglo Non-Tritium front/rear sights or Ameriglo black outline tritium front with non-tritium rear sights.
Compa-Tac holster for glock

2022 End Of Year Membership Promotion: Comp-Tac eV2 Holster

For our 2022 Holiday Membership Promotion we’ve partnered with Comp-Tac Holsters who graciously donated an eV2 holster. The holster fits a G48 and is right-hand draw. What?! You don't own a GLOCK G48?
2022 Glock Collectors Association Journal

The 2022 Edition Of The GCA Journal Is Published And Has Been Mailed

In this 2022 edition of the GCA Journal we look at history of the Big Bore Baby GLOCKs, the G29 chambered in 10mm Auto, and its 45 Auto cousin, the G30.

Hard to believe but these guns have been around for 25 years.

Gun Trader's Guide 44th edition

Gun Trader's Guide 44th Edition Is On Book Shelves and Amazon

Gun Trader's Guide (GTG) for years and it is a labor of love. From a collecting and value perspective, GTG is invaluable for understanding models and model variants as well as understanding the current value of popular firearms. 
Book og Glock and 9MM - Guide to America's Most Popular Caliber

Winner Of Email Subscriber Contest Wins Two Gun Books

Tom R. from Florida is our latest winner of our email subscriber contest. He wins  signed copies of 9MM - Guide to America's Most Popular Caliber and Book Of Glock. Subscribe to the GCA and you are automatically entered to win!
FAD Defense Ultimag for GLOCK

Best Aftermarket GLOCK Magazine - FAB Defense Ultimag

Some of the most popular and best aftermarket GLOCK magazines are made by: ETS, Magpul, ProMag, KCI, Amend2, SGM Tactical, Shield Arms, Advantage Arms, and  FAB Defense.
    FBI GLOCKs: Lipsey's 2019 Release Of G17M and G19M Guns For Civilians

    FBI GLOCKs: Lipsey's 2019 Release Of G17M and G19M Guns For Civilians

    Remember the rumors about FBI GLOCK pistols? The leaked photos and chatter in the online forums that a new generation of GLOCK pistols was on the ...