glock 40 auto

GLOCK To Drop Gen 4 Models

Again rumors, but I hear that GLOCK is going to discontinue Gen 4 pistols. My understanding is the company wants to focus on new technology such as...
40 auto ammo

Rumors Of GLOCK Introducing Gen5 Pistols In .40 AUTO

I hear rumors of GLOCK introducing Gen5 pistols in .40 AUTO. That is surprising since 9mm guns are the new sweet spot for many LE agencies. Commerc...
glock mag well

New GLOCK Magwell

GLOCK doesn't usually offer aftermarket parts for their pistols so I was happily surprised to see a new GLOCK Modular Magwell on their website. The...
real avid pistol tool

Real Avid Pistol Tool Subscriber Promotion

Subscribe to GCA emails and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a Real Avid The Pistol Tool. Not only will you be getting the lat...
Real avid 4-in-1 tool

Real Avid 4-In-1 GLOCK Tool Winner!

Tim L. is the winner of the GCA Real Avid 4-in-1 Tool for GLOCK Email Promotion. All you need to do to win is opt into GCA emails and you are autom...
Shield Arms S15 Magazine For G34X and G48

Shield Arms S15 Magazine For G34X and G48

The big difference, other than the capacity, is the Shield magazine is made of steel. Using steel allowed Shield engineers to create a magazine body that is thinner and  allowing the extra 5 rounds.
Can You See What's Unique With This G34?

Can You See What's Unique With This G34?

We get a lot of emails that start this way: Hi. I’m not a member so if you’d rather not answer my question I’ll understand. I recently picked up… a...
GLOCK Collectors Association 2020 Challenge Coin

GLOCK Collectors Association 2020 Challenge Coin

We introduced the GCA's first collectable coin last year and it was very well received. In fact we have received numerous emails on when the 2020 c...
GLOCK Collectors Association 2020 Journal

GLOCK Collectors Association 2020 Journal

If you are a member of GCA in good standing expect a copy of the Latest GCA Journal in your mail box. The 2020 GCA Journal includes stories on rare...
crimson trace, glock club

We Have a Winter Membership Promotion Winner!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I'm not sure how that expression originated but if I won I'd want lobster or filet mignon dinner. Regardless, Bob ...
2020 GCA pact, Glock 44 patch

2020 GCA Patch

We think Andy Warhol would really like the 2020 GLOCK Collectors Association patch.
French Army GLOCK

GLOCK Awarded Pistol Contract for the French Army

French Army adopts GLOCK G17 GEN5 to replace decades old 
PA MAS G1 S and PA MAC50 pistols.