Update On The GLOCK Mariner

Thanks all for your emails about the GLOCK Mariner. As you know, Lipsey's had 3,900 of these unique G19 Gen3 pistols and sold them to dealers, who in turn sold out of the pistols quickly. I heard there are another 1,000 GLOCK Mariners being released today. Lipsey's is releasing the Mariners today to dealers, so if you want one act quickly as this will be the last of these pistols. These additional 1,000 pistol are the same as the first release except there are two magazines, not three magazines.

Glock mariner

I will be doing a GLOCK Mariner review in the next issue of the Journal so stay tuned for that GLOCK review.

lipseys glock mariner


  • Primary Arms has them.

  • 1968Gunny: Not sure which dealers Lipsey’s is selling the second batch to. I’d call my dealer and ask for one.

  • What dealers are selling the MAriner?


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