Timberwolf Big Bore Frames In 45 Auto and 10mm

lone wolf timber wolf pistol

A few SHOT Shows ago a pal of mine was telling me how he built a complete GLOCK .45 AUTO pistol without using any GLOCK parts. That's when I first learned about the Lone Wolf Distributors (lonewolfdist.com) Timberwolf frame for both .45 AUTO and 10mm calibers. I had known about LWD for years and, in fact, used an LWD connector in my competition GLOCK. LWD connectors can really make a GLOCK trigger crisper and lighter. As much as the connectors change the feel of the stock GLOCK trigger, the Timberwolf frame changes the girth and grip angle of a G20 and G21. Those of us with average size hands or smaller find the standard G20/G21 grip a bit fat making the pistol more difficult to shoot well. The Timberwolf reduces the grip circumference. The typical G20/G20 grip circumference is 6.4 inches, the SF model is 6.3 inches, but the Timberwolf measures 5.5 inches. It actually feels like you are shooting a 9mm size pistol. Plus the grip angle is similar to a 1911; more straight and less angle. The net-net is the Timberwolf has all the reliability of a GLOCK but with a smaller and more comfortable grip. The full size frame accepts Gen3 and Gen4 G17, G17L, G21, G24, G31, G34, G35, and G37 slides; the compact frame accepts Gen3 and Gen4 G19, G23, G32, and G38. You will need to take delivery of the frame via an FFL. Read more in the 2020 GCA Journal.

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  • I like p80 frames best

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