The 2022 Edition Of The GCA Journal Is Published And Has Been Mailed

2022 Glock Collectors Association

In this 2022 edition of the GCA Journal, we look at the history of the Big Bore Baby GLOCKs, the G29 chambered in 10mm Auto, and its 45 Auto cousin, the G30. It is hard to believe but these guns have been around for 25 years and are still a benchmark for large caliber, subcompact pistols. We do not typically focus on GLOCKs for foreign markets, but from time to time some of these guns are imported into the U.S. and then we take interest. The P9M is one of those guns. Originally spec’d out for the German GSG 9 Anti-Terrorist Unit, a few P9M pistols have made its way to our shores. If you can’t stand the wait go right to “Rare German-Issued GLOCK P9M” and read what we have found out about this rare, unicorn of a pistol based on the G17 Gen2.

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