Rarest Production GLOCKs? Consecutive Pair of G35Cs

glock model 35

A Regional Manager for GLOCK was instrumental in creating two of the most ultra rare G35 pistols. It all started in 1999. One of the founding GCA members, Ray Reynolds, worked as a Regional Manager for GLOCK and was instrumental in creating two of the most rare G35 pistols. It all started in 1999 when the Arkansas State Police and Kentucky State Police were them considering the purchase of GLOCK 35 pistols. Reynolds requested GLOCK’s Austrian factory to build two prototype compensated G35 pistols with porting similar to the system used on the G17L and G24C. These prototypes would be used for demonstration purposes with the two law enforcement agencies. The two G35C pistols have consecutive serial numbers: CYZ935US and CYZ936US.

Glock G35 c

Factory documentation states that the pistols were originally received from the Austrian factory on April 7, 1999. Interestingly, the label on one of the boxes reads: “loan pistol”. This labeling of “loan pistol” or “loan” label has been encountered on some very rare guns. The word “loan” also appears on the box of one of our GCA member’s unique G17C prototypes. So we can confirm this label has been used by GLOCK. Read the full story in the 2020 GCA Journal.

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  • I always thought Glock made 34 guns with ported barrels. I didn’t realize they didn’t.


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