PDW: G44: A Review of Glock’s First Rimfire Pistol as It Relates to the G19

Would it be a single-stack .45 ACP? Maybe a commercial version of the Glock 47 Border Patrol variant? There was even buzz on forums that it would be — wait for it — an AR-style firearm. Then there were those who predicted it would be a .22 LR. My only guess is that it would be a Glock 44, but I had no idea about the caliber. My gut told me the model 44 would be next. After all, Glock is up to the G48 model. Why bypass the model 44? And so here we are, with the G44 pistol … a rimfire?

glock 44 review

Glock G44 Details

With all the fanfare of a new product launch, Glock teased up the event with an email to its subscribers, telling them to tune in on Dec. 10. I received the same email — no doubt millions of other Glock website subscribers did too — but I also received a prior email from Glock’s marketing team. Was I interested in attending an event, they asked? A bit. The next thing I knew I was sitting front row, center stage.

In fact, it was the G44 that was announced on Dec. 10. And, to my surprise, Glock chambered it in .22 LR. Yep, Glock is now manufacturing rimfire pistols. Glock introduced the new pistols with the concept of “Adventure Awaits and the Legacy Continues.”

This is an excerpt from PDW (Personal Defense World) originally posted on December 19, 2019.

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  • Will a aftermarket company make a higher capacity mag

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