NEW and UPDATED 2023 Master Journal

With the announcement of four new GLOCK pistols, we have updated the Matrix which is the official list of GLOCK serial numbers and letters prefixes of guns shipped or built in the US. New to the Matrix is the GLOCK G47 MOS the commercial variant of the GLOCK pistol developed for the Customs and Border Patrol Agency, the 10mm Auto Glock 20 is now available in a Gen5

variant as is the .45 Auto G21 which is also now available as a Gen5 model. Lastly the GLOCK G28, the subcompact .380 Auto that was only available to law enforcement, is now available to civilians and the commercial market.

Glock Collectors association 2023 Master Journal cover

The history of the G20 and G21 pistols have also been updated in the Master Journal. The GLOCK Collectors Association Master Journal comes with any GLOCK Collectors Association membership package or can be purchased separately.

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