Latest Praise For Book Of Glock 2nd Edition

Firstly this second edition of Book Of Glock could not have been possible without the help of the Glock collecting community. I thanks you all for your input, comments a suggestions. Special thanks to JP, Shirley, Ron, Stan, LATactical, Floki07, Premier Tactical, Mas, Clint G17Collector, GlockDog, Chris, Ken, Buz, and Lew. I apologize in advance if I have forgotten anyone.

Book of Glock 2nd edition cover

I have heard back from those of you who have read the second edition and thanks for your comments. Mas Ayoob, who I've known forever and I interviewed for the second edition, posted a review of the Book Of Glock. Thanks Mas. It means a lot coming from you. It also means a lot that the Glock community took time to answer my questions and provide images from their Glock collections and background information about rare and unusual Glock pistols.

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