G20 Gen3 ACOG Red Dot Sight!

glock g20 acog sight

The GCA recently received an email about a Glock 20 that was given as a gift. The new owner was looking to learn more about it as it seems to be a "rare" gun. According to the Book of Glock the G20 is a Gen 3 variation 3 and only 500 were made. The serial number falls in between CNS261US and CNS760US. In addition to the unique serial number, this Glock is equipped with the original Crimson Trace red dot that is built into the frame. According to the Book of Glock, the very last paragraph in chapter 26 (rare glock chapter). One of the owner's main questions was is the Crimson Trace red dot make the pistol more valuable? Or was the reason because there was only 500 made or was it due to the fact it was a Gen3 variation 3? When we replied to the owner we said the original Crimson Trace does add some value in addition to the rare serial number and variation 3. But wait, this is when the plot thickens as they say. We asked the owner to send a few images so we could judge the condition of the G20. The owner attached a few images and the G20 not only had the original Crimson Trace red laser installed, it also had an ACOG red dot sight attached. Now that is an old-school red dot!

G20 gen3 without acog left
According to the owner the gun belonged to someone that worked for the government. The original owner requested the 10mm and then had the Crimson Trace laser installed directly after purchasing it as well as a custom frame mounted for the Trijicon ACOG. Beyond that the new owner did not know much else about the G20. The new owner did mention that the frame digs into your hand when shooting the G20.

glock 20 without acog right

I remember the old Aimpoint red dot sight. I had one mounted to my S&W Model 41 and that sight was like a brick. The ACOG on this G20 must have been like a cement block. While this setup is impractical by today's standards, it does should the ingenuity of the original owner of the Glock 20. High-tech circa 1989!

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