FBI GLOCKs: Lipsey's 2019 Release Of G17M and G19M Guns For Civilians

glock g17m

Remember the rumors about FBI GLOCK pistols? The leaked photos and chatter in the online forums that a new generation of GLOCK pistols was on the way? Well, as we all know, those G17M and G19M the agency contracted for in 2016 turned out to be the next generation of GLOCK pistols. Like all LE-only pistols produced by GLOCK the availability of these pistols for the commercial market were slim to none. Except for now.

FBI Glock

In October 2019, Lipsey's began offering G17M pistols; 19M pistols became available in December. The question you might want to ask yourself are the commercial M guns worth the extra $250 when you can get a stock Gen5 G17 or G19 for less? If you are a collector the answer is yes. Got to have one of eachStan and I were able to track down SN prefixes on the first run of M pistols. The first run of 17M guns have a SN...Read more in the 2020 GCA Journal.


  • From what I know the Lipsey guns are not an exact copy of the FBI guns. The mechanism on the Lipsey guns do not have the same coating as the FBI guns.

  • i bought one of each. Excellent guns with great sights.

    Mex Sky

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