DryFireMag for Glock Standard Frame Pistols

With a free DryFireMag up for grabs this month with a membership, I thought I'd share my experiences with DryFireMag.
glock dry fire mag
Dry-fire training should be part of every shooter’s training routine. It helps build the fundamentals of shooting and reinforces muscle memory. In the old days, we bought a SnapCap or other dummy round, loaded it into our firearm, and practiced our grip, sight picture, and trigger press. When dry firing with a striker fire pistol, you need to break you grip to rack the slide and reset the trigger. The problem with this is you break your grip and never really get to practice follow up shots.
glock Dry Fire Mag review
The DryFireMag changes dry fire practice.The DryFireMag (DFM) looks like a polymer magazine and is identified as being a training magazine by its orange floorplate. The DFM is designed to allow the user to continuously press the trigger without racking the slide to reset the trigger in a Glock double stack pistol. In my opinion, the DFM helps build trigger memory using repetition with a close simulation of the weapon’s actual trigger pull without breaking the shooter’s grip. DFM sent me a sample for a 9mm Glock, which will fit all standard-frame Glocks in all chamberings — 9mm, 40 S&W, 357 SIG, and 45 GAP — in full, compact, and subcompact models. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and is made in the U.S.To use the DFM on the Glock, rack the slide to set the trigger and insert the DFM into the magwell. The first trigger press will be heavy as the DFM releases the firing pin. Subsequent trigger presses are 5.5 to 6 pounds. The trigger feel can be adjusted slightly up or down via a screw in the back of the DFM. You can also purchase a Spring Pack ($10.95) that allows you swap out springs of different pull weights.The DFM allows you to train without breaking your grip and resetting the trigger. I found the trigger pull of the DFM is similar to trigger pull of our pistols, but not an exact match, and that is because the DFM is not releasing the striker. That is also why the DFM will not work with a laser cartridge. I liked using the DFM even if it was the low-tech option and if the trigger pull weight wasn’t exactly like the trigger pull weight in our weapon. I think the DFM would be enhanced if it was the actual weight of a fully loaded magazine because it would give the pistol a more realistic weight and better simulate the shooting experience.

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