Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 6, Issue 1 & 2 reprint

2000 Journal, Vol. 6/Iss. 1 & 2: GLOCK Armorer's Course, GLOCK Polymer Boxes

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Reprint of the Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 6, Issue 1 and 2. In this Journal, first published by GCA in Spring, 2000, you will find articles on:

    The GLOCK Armorer's Course

      GLOCK aficionados refer to the Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 plastic GLOCK boxes as tupperware. Over the past several years I have been asked to write about the variation of boxes manufactured to ship and store the GLOCK pistol. While exact production numbers are not know, sufficient data exists to report on generational changes to the polymer box and the approximate time frame the change was made. Facts are supported by serial number runs, which date the product to a specific time period, thus I am fairly confident in the time periods enumerated. 

      We were then thoroughly trained on how to function check a reassembled GLOCK pistol including performing all the required armorer safety checks. This latter is where the second GLOCK armorer's tool that the students keep is used. This tool is an orange polymer slide cover plate that only covers half of the back of the slide. This tool allows the armorer to visually inspect the engagement surface area between the lug of the firing pin and the cruciform plate (sear engagement, if you will) to insure that there is a sufficient amount of engagement so the firing pin will not go forward without pulling the trigger.

      GLOCK Polymer Boxes