Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 10, Issue 2

Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 10, Issue 2

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Reprint of the Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 10, Issue 2. In this Journal, first published by GCA in Spring 2004, you will find articles on:

  • The Glocksmith
  • GLOCKs To Be Made In U.S.A.
  • GCA To Display Ted Nugent's GLOCK G20 Pistol

How many parts are in a GLOCK?

GLOCKs only have 34 parts fully stripped, which makes custom work quick and easy. Trigger pull is a function of two parts-a trigger spring and a connector. 

What GLOCKs are made in USA?

Beginning later in 2004 or perhaps early 2005, polymer receivers for certain GLOCK pistols will be made in the United States at the Smyrna, Georgia plant. 

Where are GLOCKs Made?

Identification of Austrian or US made pistols is easy. The only components manufactured in the US are the frame, barrel and slide. The rest of the components are made in from Austria. On the right side of the frame of an US made pistol will read: "MADE IN USA, GLOCK INC SMYRNA GA". In front of the slide lock is the Georgia proof mark which is the shape of the state of Georgia with a P in the center. On the slide on the right side behind the extractor there is a Georgia proof mark. This indicates a US made pistol. On the left side it will be marked US instead of AUSTRIA. In addition, the barrel will be marked differently. US pistols do not have the 5 sided proof mark from Austria but a football shaped proof mark with 3D in the center. Also on top of the barrel hood is the Georgia proof mark and US markings.

Ted Nugent called today (July 15, 2004) to advise that he will provide one of his beat up, well used, burnt, scratched and shot to hell and back GLOCKs for display at the NRA Show next year. As most of our readers are aware, Mr. Nugent is a rock star, author, husband, father, NRA member and all around good guy. He is also one of the staunchest defenders of our right to keep and bear arms.

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