2024 GCA Master Journal 5th edition

NEW Master Journal, 5th Edition: Updated Glock Serial Numbers and Letter Prefixes

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The Glock Collectors Association Master Journal 5th Edition was revised January 2024 and includes:

    Updated Matrix with Glock Serial Numbers and Letter Prefixes

    Forty pages of GLOCK history, reviews, and more. With seven new GLOCK models being introduced--GLOCK G17 Classic, commercial variants of the GLOCK G25 Gen3 and GLOCK G28 Gen3, GLOCK 17L, and GLOCK G49 Gen5--the Matrix has be updated. The Matrix is the official list of First Run GLOCK pistol serial numbers and letter prefixes in the U.S. 


    • Model G20 Detailed History and Serial Numbers
    • Model G21 Detailed History and Serial Numbers
    • Unusual Specialty Marked and Engraved GLOCKs
    • Commemorative Engraved GLOCKs
    • GLOCK Model Generation Identification
    • GLOCK Cutaway Models
    • "Cut Down" G19 Gen1 Pistols
    • Comparison of GLOCK Gen4 (RTF-4) to Gen3 (RTF-2)
    • Comparison of GLOCK G17 Gen5 vs G47 Gen5

    Paperback: 40 pages
    Publisher: Glock Collectors Association (2024)
    Language: English
    Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches