2005 Journal, Vol. 11/Iss. 4: How To Choose A Carry Gun, Lead Bullets OK in GLOCK?

2005 Journal, Vol. 11/Iss. 4: How To Choose A Carry Gun, Lead Bullets OK in GLOCK?

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PDF reprint of the Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 11, Issue 4. In this Journal, first published by GCA in Fall 2005, you will find articles on:

    How I Selected The GLOCK G19 As My Carry Gun

    I wanted to get a pistol that would meet several criteria. In no particular order, I felt a carry pistol should be comfortable, easy to shoot, reliable, corrosion resistant, simple to operate, chambered for a "serious" cartridge, easy to h · .-take apart, easy to clean and maintain, and of a'· size permitting concealed carry, but still large enough to make accurate hits at medium distances (15 to 25 yards). In my case, I tried several pistols, including the 1911 in .45 ACP, the SIG 220 in .45 ACP and the Glock 19.

    Why Gun Manufacturers Do Not Approve Of Using Reloads

    The first issue with reloads in GLOCK pistols is, as our members are no doubt aware, the general policy against reloads. Makers of guns have no control over reloads. Commercial ammo makers have agreed among themselves and with gun makers to follow established SAAMI standards. Thus, commercial ammo companies build ammo to certain parameters, including the size of the case, the projectile and the pressures involved, and so forth. Likewise, gun makers build guns to handle, in a safe manner, ammo made to SMMI specs.
    Gun makers have no such agreements with home reloaders...

    Aftermarket Stocks For GLOCKs

    Recently a number of stocks have come on the market that can be fitted to the ever-popular Glock pistol. These stocks are designed to fit into the rear arch housing area on full-size Glocks whether G17/22/20/21/34/35 model. I have now tested the three that I know are available but perhaps more will appear in the future. I tested the first one available, the GAS, a folder originally designed, I understand, in Switzerland but now made in the U.S., the Israeli-made Forbus plastic collapsing stock, and the Austrian-made fixed Bubits unit. Each has its good and bad points rendering them superior and inferior to their counterparts in various ways.

    Is it OK to shoot lead bullets in a GLOCK?

    GLOCKs (except for a special run of, New York City Police G19s) have polygonal rifling, and lead bullets ' are not to be used. Lead can scrape off and be deposited into the comers of the barrel at each point of intersection, and this can run the pressures up to dangerous levels. GLOCK requires the use of jacketed bullets. Why no lead bullets should be fired in GLOCK pistols.