Reprint copy of Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 2, Issue 3

1996 Journal, Vol. 2/Iss. 3: GLOCK G17L Serial Numbers and History, Desert Storm Model

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PDF reprint of the Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 2, Issue 3. This Journal was published by GCA in Winter, 1996. Includes articles on:

    GLOCK Model G17 Serial Number History

    BATF records reflect they received a Glock 17, Serial Number AN012US, on November 11, 1985 for evaluation. Subsequently, BATF notified Glock, Inc., that the Glock 17 pistol met import criteria, approving the pistol for sale in the United States. (This rare pistol is in the BATF museum.)  During January, 1986, after receiving BATF import approval, Glock, Inc. began importing the Glock 17. Initial sales were made directly to law enforcement agencies and through a small number of commercial distributors. The first 1,000 Glock Model 17 pistols imported had serial numbers AF000US through AF999US...

    GLOCK Long Slide

    Why GLOCK introduced the G 17L is something of a mystery. The purported th ory was that it would be used by shooters in the various action shooting games popular in various areas. If this was the intention of the GLOCK, Inc., it shows a rather doubtful grasp on reality for, given scoring functions, it is unlikely anyone would use a 9 x 19 mm pistol if they could get something bigger. Further, making a long slide pistol for "action shooting" shows, I think, how far the "sport" has degenerated from what "combat shooting" was all about. Of course, anything that encourages people to shoot and allows them to enjoy themselves is not to be discouraged but do no confuse "action shooting" with "combat shooting" any mo e than plinking at tin cans set up on a log at the lake with high-end target work.  So why the G l 7L was made is a mystery to me. Having said that, the question becomes whether it has any true usefulness. Originally, I rather sneered at it and thought the whole thing I as rather silly. Then I got a GLOCK G24 and found it to be a rather remarkable pistol, accurate and powerful, vyith the limits of the .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge. I wondered if the G17L would be the same, at least as to accuracy...

    GLOCK Model G17L Long Slide Serial Number History

    During early 1988, in recognition of the demand for a competition grade 9mm pistol, Mr. Gaston Glock designed the Model 17 L. The "L" stood for the long slide version of the Glock 17 pistol. The Glock 17 L was remarkably similar to the versatile Model 17. The receiver is identical, however, the pistol has a 3.5 pound connector (trigger pull) and an extended magazine catch, which is the same catch used_in the Models 20 and 21. The slide houses a 6.02 inch (153 mm) barrel with a relief slot in the front top of the slide. The relief slot and an inside relief cut were made to reduce the weight of the longer slide. There were two versions of the early 17 L, one with a standard barrel and one with a vented barrel. The venting system consisted of three lateral slots cut in the top of the barrel. Venting of gases and debris is through the relief slot in the slide. Shooters complained that the vents darkened the front sight and some cracking was reported when high pressure rounds were used. Examples with the early venting system are quite rare as less then 800 were originally manufactured. Additionally, a number were returned to the factory by customers who wanted a standard barrel...