Glock Club newsletter volume 9, issue 4 reprint

2003 Journal, Vol. 9/Iss. 4: GLOCK Defense Set

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PDF reprint of the Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 9, Issue 4. In this Journal, first published by GCA in Winter, 2003, you will find articles on:

GLOCK Defense Set

In 1996, GLOCK produced 500 matching 9mm sets produced consisting of the G19 and G26 and 1,500 matching .40 Auto caliber sets produced consisting of the G23 and G27. These sets were called "Defense Set"...

GLOCK G37 Review

The new G37 has a slightly thicker slide that is tapered at the bottom where it rides the frame rails, and the extra thickness is barely noticeable. Otherwise, the pistol has the same frame dimensions as the G22. Naturally, the pistol has the Finger-groove/ rail frame for the excellent GLOCK Tactical Light, which has the advantage over other brands of being thinner, by carrying its batteries stacked on top of one another, instead of side by side...