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2020 Journal Vol. 1/Iss. 1: G44 Intro, ELP GLOCKS, G35C Models, FBI GLOCKs

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The 2020 Journal vol. 1, Iss. 1, of the GLOCK Collectors Association was published in Winter 2020. In this Journal, you will find GLOCK articles and GLOCK reviews on the Rare GLOCK 35C models, GLOCK G25 and GLOCK G28 pistol serial numbers and letter prefixes, civilian FBI GLOCK pistol, and more.

Excerpts from the 2020 Journal:

    Rare GLOCK 35C models

    One of the founding GCA members, Ray Reynolds, worked as a Regional Manager for GLOCK and was instrumental in creating two of the most rare G35 pistols. It all started in 1999 when the Arkansas State Police and Kentucky State Police were then considering the purchase of GLOCK 35 pistols. Reynolds requested GLOCK’s Austrian factory to build two prototype compensated G35 pistols with porting similar to the system used on the G17L and G24C. These prototypes would be used for...

    Model G25 and G28: Detailed History and Serial Numbers and Letter Prefixes

    The first two .380 AUTO pistols designed by GLOCK were not intended for the US market but for markets in countries primarily in South America, that prohibit civilian ownership of firearms chambered in military calibers such as 9x19mm Parabellum. In order to get the pistol to work with the .380 AUTO cartridge, the basic GLOCK locking block design had to be re-engineered as a blowback pistol system. This makes the G25 and G28 pistols unique to other GLOCK pistols. All GLOCKs except for the G25...

    Civilian FBI GLOCKs: Lipseys offers GLOCK 17M pistols 

    Remember the rumors about the FBI GLOCK pistols? The leaked photos and chatter in the online forums that a new generation of GLOCK pistols was on the way? Well, as we all know, those G17M and G19M the agency contracted for in 2016 turned out to be the next generation of GLOCK pistols. Like all LE-only pistols produced by GLOCK the availability of these pistols for the commercial market were slim to none. Except for now. In October 2019, Lipsey's began offering G17M pistols; 19M pistols became available in December. The question you might want to ask yourself are the commercial M guns worth the extra $250 when you can get a stock Gen5 G17 or G19 for less...

    ELP GLOCKS: Factory engraved GLOCK pistols

    In the late 2000s, GLOCK offered factory engraving on their pistols. These have become known as the ELP guns. GLOCK imported 75 factory engraved pistols in the late early 2000s. Included in this number, GLOCK also created 10 three-pistol sets with three grades of engraving. All of these pistols have a serial prefix of ELP. Hence they are referred to as ELP pistols by GLOCK collectors. These are machine and hand engraved pistols. The engraving style varied and only the slide and barrel are engraved. The receiver/frame is standard stock...

    Introduction of the G44, GLOCK's First Rimfire Pistol

    We were all guessing what GLOCK's big reveal would be this past December. My
    money was on a model G44. Others thought maybe a full-size, single-stack .45 AUTO. The G44 use a simple blow-back mechanism...

    Lone Wold Distributors Timberwolf Custom Big Bore Pistols

    A few SHOT Shows ago a pal of mine was telling me how he built a complete GLOCK .45 AUTO pistol without using any GLOCK parts. That's when I first learned about the Lone Wolf Distributors ( Timberwolf...

    GLOCK Patches

    Since GLOCK has been producing pistols they have also been creating embroidered patches to commemorate the launch of their pistols. Patches are...

    Paperback: 18 pages
    Publisher: Glock Collectors Association (2020)
    Language: English
    Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches