2013 Master Journal: GLOCK Serial Numbers and Letter Prefixes, Commemoratives

2013 Master Journal: GLOCK Serial Numbers and Letter Prefixes, Commemoratives

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PDF reprint of the Master Journal of Glock Collectors Association, Revised April 2013. In this Journal, first published by GCA in April 2013, you will find articles on:

Matrix of GLOCK Serial Numbers and Letter Prefixes

The Standard Production Matrix is an official list of all First Run GLOCK Pistols Shipped in the U.S. The Matrix includes pistol model, letter prefixes, generation, and total variations

Model G20 History and Serial Numbers

In January 1990, eight 2nd generation "Checkered Grenade" frame "without locking block pin" pre­-production prototype GLOCK Model 20 10mm pistols were exported to Glock Inc. USA for field-testing. The pre-production samples were stamped with serial prefix "J". The pistol was obviously larger in size, looking like an oversized Glock 17. The pistol weighed 27.68 oz. and had a 4.60 inch barrel. Also there were a few first run G-20 10mm and G-21 .45 Auto pistols "without locking block pin" and a smaller grip and magazine size. These pistols are very rare...

Model G21 History and Serial Numbers

The GLOCK model G 21 .45 Auto pistol is the same size pistol as the GLOCK model G20 10mm pistol just a different caliber the venerable 45 ACP cartridge. The model G 21 .45 Auto pistol was introduced a few months after the model G20 10mm pistol.
The model G 21 .45 pistol like the G-20 10mm pistol was highly requested by law enforcement and civilian...

Unusual Specialty Marked and Engraved Glocks

In June 1996, there were 500 matching 9 mm sets produced consisting of the G 19 and G-26 and 1,500 matching .40 AUTO sets produced consisting of the G 23 and G27. These sets were called "Defense Set." Mathematically, only 500 sets of 4-pistol sets exist. Realistically, it is believed less than 80 4-pistol sets were sold to specific dealers. It is possible these 80 dealers further broke up the sets. Accusport Corp. was unable to effectively sell the 2-pistol sets; thus, most were broken up with single pistols being sold individually to dealers across the country. The side of the slide is engraved with "Defense Set" 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 with no US suffix...