Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 7, Issue 1 reprint

2001 Journal, Vol. 7/Iss. 1: Restricted Magazines, GLOCK G17-S (manual safety GLOCK)

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PDF reprint of the Journal of Glock Collectors Association Volume 7, Issue 1. In this Journal, first published by GCA in Winter, 2001, you will find articles on:

    The GLOCK G17-S (manual safety GLOCK)

    GLOCK pistols with a manual safety were first introduced in Gen2 models...

  • Restricted Magazines

  • On 9/13/94 the manufacture or importation of high capacity ammunition feed devices were banned. GLOCK, as other firearm manufacturers, complied with the high capacity magazine law...

    Maintaining Your Collectible GLOCKs

    The question of maintaining your GLOCK pistol or other collectible is not a very complicated matter, but one which bears review every so often, so I felt it important to review maintenance and storage of GLOCK pistols so that your present shooter/future collectible could be maintained in prime condition...