Cover of Glock Collectors 2023 Journal
History of GLOCK G30s
Glock G30S and LAPD SIS
Glock G30S review
Lipsey's GLOCK 17 Classic
Gunsite Glock
Glock collectors member submissions
Glock Q&A

NEW 2023 Journal: G30S, SIS, G30S Review, Lipsey's 17 Classic, Gunsite GLOCK

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The Glock Collectors Association 2023 Journal includes:

    Hybrid Big Bore

    History of the GLOCK Subcompact G30S in 45 Auto

    The G30S is a hybrid pistol made with a slide from one gun and a frame from another. Law enforcement requested a .45 Auto pistol with the capacity of the G30 but the size and weight of a G36. One agency in particular was installing the slide from a G36 onto a G30 SF (Short Frame) frame. The thinner G36 slide is thinner and weighs less than the slide from a G30 and shaves 3.5 ounces off the weight of the G30 SF...

    The SIS And The GLOCK G30S

    Los Angeles Police Department Special Investigation Section Big Ask

    Different situations often called for special solutions. A few years ago, the Los Angeles Police Department’s SIS Unit, the letters stand for Special Investigation Section, decided they needed to have a special run of weapons made to be more effectively armed. In case you are not familiar with this Unit, it is dedicated to making arrests of serious, typically violent criminals. Members of the Unit typically will follow known criminals suspected of continuing to commit acts of violence. Then arresting them when they do so or locate then arrest such individuals. Rather than merely allowing a random arrest of the criminals when an auto stop is made, for instance...

    Lipsey’s Exclusive: GLOCK G17 Gen1 Classic

    You might think it is 1986 again with this new release of the GLOCK that changed it all

    First let’s clear up any confusion on how the GLOCK 17 was named. GLOCK’s first pistol was named the 17 because it was Gaston Glock’s 17th patent. Another first is GLOCK’s Pistole 80, which is what the Austrian Army renamed the 17 when it was adopted. Do you remember the gun magazine ads for GLOCKs in 1988? The ads read:“Put The Future In The Palm Of Your Hand.” If you take a moment and think back, the GLOCK 17 Gen1 revolutionized the American handgun market in 1986. Now you can go back to the future with the new release from Lipsey’s: The GLOCK G17 Gen1 Classic. GLOCK fan boys and girls you are going to like this retro gun...

    Gunsite GLOCK

    The Modern Technique evolves with the Gunsite GLOCK Service Pistol

    The Gunsite Glock Service Pistol (GGSP) is a fighting pistol even though Gunsite has traditional embraced the 1911 platform. Times changes, techniques evolve, and tools become better, that’s why Gunsite Academy teamed up with Davidson’s, Glock, and Holosun Technologies to created the GGSP...

    GLOCK G30S


    It has become a 9mm world and that begs the question if the .45 Auto should be retired and if .45 caliber GLOCKs are still relevant? Since the G30S was introduced, a decade has gone by with law enforcement dumping the .40 S&W as well as the .45 Auto for the 9mm, though a few LE agencies still field .40 S&W and .45 Auto GLOCKs...

    GCA Member Submissions:

    • Rare G19 Gen2
    • GLOCK Eye Candy

    GCA Q&A:

    • Rare G17 Gen2
    • Early GLOCK Laser Sight
    • Australian G19 Gen2 with Factory Thumb Safety


    Paperback: 16 pages
    Publisher: Glock Collectors Association (2023)
    Language: English
    Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches