2021 Master Journal: GLOCK Serial Numbers, G20 and G21 History, Gen 4 (RTF-4)
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2021 Master Journal: GLOCK Serial Numbers, G20 and G21 History, Gen 4 (RTF-4)

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The Glock Collectors Association Master Journal was revised July 2021. In this Master Journal, first published by GCA in July 2021, you will find articles on:

    Updated Standard Production Serial Number Matrix

    With new GLOCK models being introduced, the Matrix has be updated. The Matrix is the official list of First Run Glock pistol serial numbers and letter prefixes in the U.S.

    GLOCK Model Generation Identification

    To date, there have been five generations of GLOCK pistols. First Generation (Gen1), circa 1986-1988 (US production; Austrian production of G17s began in 1983), features a pebbled finish frame without horizontal grooves on the front and rear grip strap. Second Generation (Gen2), circa 1988-1997, can be identified by a checkered grenade finish with horizontal grooves on both the front and rear grip straps. Third Generation (Gen3), circa 1995-present started out with transition finger grooves and no...

    GLOCK Cutaway Models

    Two cutaway G17 models serial number AT002US and serial number JQ128US are an important part of GLOCK lore. The “Tarley and Takano” G17 Gen1 cutaway model serial number AT002US is a one-of-a-kind pistol. At the time GLOCK did not have a cutaway model...

    "Cut Down" G19 Gen1 Pistols

    Timing is everything they say and in 1987, timing was an issue. A compact model of the G17 was requested by US Law Enforcement as a uniform duty weapon for detective, undercover, and administrator use. At the time, Mr. Gaston Glock knew that the DEA was in the market for a compact gun. Mr. Glock thought it was critical for GLOCK to enter the US Federal Law Enforcement market. So critical, in fact, Glock decided to move forward with a First...

    Comparison of GLOCK Gen4 (RTF-4) to Gen3 (RTF-2)

    In 2009 GLOCK introduced RTF-2 (Rough Texture Frame, variant 2) to 3rd Generation G17, G19, G21 (SF), G22, and G23 pistols. The RTF-2 texture featured tiny raised “Polymids” that tapered to a dull point for extreme Polymid traction. This very toothy texture was on the left and right side grip panels, backstrap and front grip strap. The goal with RTF-2 was to create better grip adhe-sion in wet and dirty environments. The RTF-2 grip was developed as a result of feedback from the United States Special Operations community. GLOCK also...


    • Model G20 Detailed History and Serial Numbers
    • Model G21 Detailed History and Serial Numbers
    • Unusual Specialty Marked and Engraved GLOCKs
    • Commemorative Engraved GLOCKs

    Paperback: 40 pages
    Publisher: Glock Collectors Association (2021)
    Language: English
    Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches