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Autographed by the author, Robert Sadowski, and the President of the GCA, Stnley Ruselowski, Jr.

While movies and television have made many people familiar with the name Glock, not many know the history of Glock’s pistols. With The Book of Glock, Robert A. Sadowski showcases all of Glock’s American handgun models, from the first model, the Glock 17, which premiered in 1982, to the all-new G43, and educates firearms enthusiasts on the quirks of each. The Book of Glock references all Glock pistols available in the United States with in-depth information on all models—history, serial numbers, rare Glock variants, comparative models, cutaway sales models, and more. Sadowski worked closely with Stanley Ruselowski, the president of the Glock Collectors Association, to bring readers information and photos of rarely seen Glocks. Each chapter is dedicated to a different model. Sadowski provides a timeline of the company’s evolution and a close look at how Glock redefined the combat pistol. Other chapters touch on rare models, commemorative editions, and Glock tools and accessories. Whether a firearms collector or a new enthusiast, anyone can enjoy Sadowski’s analysis of Glocks throughout history.