Glock 34 Gen 3 Long Slide

G34 Gen 3 Long Slide

The G34 configuration (shared by the 40 caliber G35) is the only Glock sold with adjustable sights as standard equipment.
glock 31 gen 2

.357 SIG: Glock’s Reliable Model 31

The Glock 31 wasn’t handsome, but it was reliable. Also, its human engineering was first rate, and accuracy was better than we expected.
glock 30sf

Soft Shooting G30SF In 45 ACP

The primary difference between the G30 and G30SF pistols was the short frame that settled deeper into the shooter’s palm, making it easier to maintain a solid grip on the pistol. This also helped the shooter isolate and better control the trigger finger.
Glock 30 45 acp

GLOCK 30 .45 ACP

Glock’s compact .45 ACP pistol is the G30. This Austrian-made handgun features an internal striker firing system and a Safe Action trigger, which has one type of pull and doesn’t have a second-strike capability.
g27 Pearce grip extension

G27 Subcompact

The G27 is a strong working tool, but requires skill to shoot well. Most shooters will want to add a Pearce grip extension or purchase a larger model.

g29 guide rod

G23 Vs G29

We expected the 10mm GLOCK 29 to be a handful, but we think there were two factors that actually made our test enjoyable. For one, today’s 10mm rounds have been refined so that the 20+ available commercial loads are more efficient and less harsh.
glock 23 40 caliber glock

Glock G23 Gen 4 40 S&W

GLOCK 23 Gen 4 40 S&W is lick and smooth with nothing on it that's not needed, the GLOCK G23 has been the best GLOCK 40 caliber pistol we've tested.

GLOCK Pistols: Ported Or Non?

GLOCK Pistols: Ported Or Non? Bottom line: From 9mm to .40 S&W, compensated pistols from GLOCK fire hot defense loads faster and more accuratel...
GLOCK G34 Gen 5 MOS longslide

GLOCK Longslide 9mm: G34 Gen 5 MOS

The Glock 34 has good features, and we feel that the Gen 5 guns are the best yet, with superior accuracy and features over earlier Glock handguns. The Glock demonstrated a high level of practical accuracy on the combat course. The pistol’s fast handling and accuracy
G43X vs G48

9mm Slimline Pistols: G43X and G48

9mm Slimline Pistol Shootout: New GLOCK 43X and 48 Which is most easily concealed, reliable, accurate, and hard-hitting? We liked one in particular...
Glock G17 vs G26

G17 Gen 3 Full Size and G26 Gen 3 Subcompact 9mm Glocks

Glock 17 and Glock 26 9mms. These guns work great together. The G17 has capacity with low weight; the GL26 tucks away nicely. They share trigger-action styles and grip feel, except for the shorter 26 grip. Pairing up similar guns for home defense and carry has its advantages
Glock G19X Gen 5 Review

Glock G19X Gen 5

Glock G19X G5 review originally published in June 2018. GUN TESTS GRADE: A- The Glock 19X has garnered its share of derision, although we cannot quite put our finger on the reason. It is a credible choice with many of the good features of the Generation 5 Glock.