Why Is the GLOCK 17 Called 17?

Recently we have received a number of emails inquiring about the name origin of GLOCK's first pistol the G17. I think the launch of the recent GLOCK / Lipseys P80 has renewed the curiosity about how the model name came to be. As a side note, the GLOCK P80 was called the P80 by the Austrian Military.

glock g17 gen1

First let's dispel some of the myths about the G17 name:

Myth 1: The GLOCK 17 was called the 17 because the magazine capacity is 17 rounds. This is false.

Myth 2: The GLOCK 17 is called the 17 because the 1980 Austrian Military requirement for a new service sidearm had 17 criteria. This is false.

As I was researching Book Of Glock, I discovered why the GLOCK 17 called the 17. As the pistol was being developed, Mr. Glock applied for various during the process. The GLOCK 17 was named after the number patent filed by Mr. Glock during the development of the pistol.

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