What Makes A GLOCK Collectable?

This was one of the many questions GCA members are asked. Looking at the number of GLOCK pistol variants it is an easy question to answer. The problem a lot of people have with the idea of collecting GLOCKs, is their relatively short time in the commercial market. If it's not a hundred years old, it's not collectable, we GCA members often hear. ''NOT TRUE," is our response.

Fortunately the founding members of the Glock Collectors Association realized the potential in collecting GLOCKs. A new unique firearm product enters the market, allowing collectors to get in on the ground floor of this new unique product, at the manufacturers suggested retail. Imagine it is l894 and you have the opportunity to purchase some of the new Winchester firearms that are entering the market place, some are new and unique, but were they collectable at that time?

There is no argument when GLOCK handguns entered the consumers market in the United States they were considered unique and well as controversial. GLOCKs are collectable and what makes them collectable, even through they may look the same, is the unique features that.particular model may have, as shown in the GCA Journals and NRA Show displays over the past years, the different model variations, serial number sequence and commemorative models issued by GLOCK definitely make GLOCKs a collectors item. 

Are some GLOCKs more desirable for collecting? Sure the rare models documented in the GCA Journals are special, but GLOCK collectors are both the traditional collector and the: competitor, plinker, LE, first responder, military, GSSF member, conceal carry holder, customizer, husband, mother, warrior, son, daughter, pal, friend, brother--there are more.

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