What Are GLOCK Maritime Cups?

What Are GLOCK Maritime Cups?
GLOCK maritime cups are designed to allow the striker to operated even if the firing pin channel has liquid or debris. The cups ensure the striker is centered in the fining pin channel and they capture the striker spring. Standard cups form a complete ring around the striker while the maritime cups  form a notched ring that allows water, oil and other debris to flow past the striker.
glock marine cups
Can You Shoot A GLOCK Underwater?
The chatter in online forums says the cups are made to allow a GLOCK to be fired underwater. While the maritime cups do allow the GLOCK to be fired underwater, that was not the intent with maritime cups. The cups were designed for GLOCK used in wet environments. Coastal Law Enforcement agencies  request maritime cups due to the fact guns may accidentally be exposed to water.

If you do have the desire to fire a GLOCK underwater, remember water cannot be compressed like air. It can be extremely painful and loud to fire a GLOCK underwater. When a round is fired it acts like a piston to your eardrum. You can also feel the shock of the round going off through your entire body. Also remember the lethal distance under water is about five feet or so since the projectile is moving through water and not air.

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