The Skinny on the New "Slimline" G43X and G48

Earlier this week GLOCK announced two new pistols, the G43X and the G48. These are both single-stack 9mm pistols. While being part of GLOCK's Slimline series these two new pistols have some unique features:

    Slim frame that measures about 1 inch thick
    Front slide serrations (a favorite feature of mine)
    Built-in extended beaver tail
    Reversible magazine catch (similar to Gen 5 models)
    GMB rifling (again similar to Gen 5 models)

The GLOCK 43X is similar in concept as the G19X. The G43X uses a slide similar in dimensions as the G43 and mates it to a grip that is longer than the G43 grip. By elongating the grip the magazine capacity increases to 10-rounds. The G43 has a magazine capacity of 6 rounds.

Glock G43X

The GLOCK 48 uses the same grip as the G43X but features a 4.17 inch long barrel.

Glock G48
What I kinda like about the new pistols are the slim profile and the bi-tone look. I remember back in the day a lot of GLOCK users would sand off the black finish on the slides on their pistols to reveal the stainless steel. Kinda retro in a way.

According to GLOCK the new pistols are "designed for comfort, the G43X and G48 combine a fuller-size grip length with a minimal profile of approximately 1” for a comfortably balanced, versatile grip that’s ideal for a variety of users. While the two pistols share the same size frame, they have different slide lengths.  The slide for the G43X is the same sub-compact length as the G43 (6.06 in.) while the G48 has a compact length (6.85 in) and is compliant with Canadian regulations."

G43x vs G26

GLOCK is touting the two new pistols as being a perfect fit for conceal carry and it looks like they want to compete the space the S&W Shield, Ruger EC9s, Springfield Armory XD-S, and other single stack nines.

Read more on the GLOCK website.

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  • Having own a 43 I jumped at the chance to own a 48. Having a 19 for everyday carry. The 48 became my carry choice. Love it because it shoots as well has my 19. But more comfortable to carry. Plus a good looking weapon. Thxs Glock Max


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