The new G47 for U.S. Customs and Border Protection

As we all know, GLOCK was awarded a contract with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection that includes electing Department of Homeland Security departments.  The $85m, 10 year contract is to be completed by CBP by 2021 and will be in place through 2029.


The contract includes three models, G19 Gen5 MOS with modifications , the G26 Gen5 with modifications, and the new GLOCK 47. All models have Gen5 technology and Ameriglo BOLD sights.

G47 and G19 Gen5/MOS/MOD1/FS have modularity between both pistols. This means that the complete upper (Slide and Barrel) from G47 can be mounted on the G19 Frame and the complete upper (Slide and Barrel) from G19 can be mounted on G47 Frame.

Here are the some of the unique features of the G47. The G47 has the same barrel length as a G17. It is compatible with G19X, G17, G34, and G45 magazines. The G17 slide will not fit on the G47. NOTE: The G47 will not be made available to the commercial market at this time.

The modifications made to the G19 are on the frame. There is no half-moon cut and a flared magazine well. It uses a G19 frame.

Modifications made to the G26, referred to as the CBP26, incorporate a flared magwell and extended grip that varies from the current GLOCK 26 Gen 5. It has an 11-round magazine that is compatible with commercial G26 the Commercial G26 magazine fits but does not lock into the CBP 26. The magazine well is flared front of magazine well is flat across and does not have bump as the G26 and G19X.

Magazine for all pistols have a larger floor plate (larger toe) so that if you need to you can pull it out.

Interchangeability with parts between G47 and G19 is 100% with G26 is 92% (the recoil spring and locking block are different due to size of the pistol.)

This is all the current info we have on the G47 at the moment. We'll keep you posted.

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