The 2021 Master Journal--with GLOCK Serial Numbers--Is Complete!

Thank you to all the members for your patience. I know it has taken a while to finish the Master Journal and we have. It is with the printer and you will receive your copy in 3 to 4 weeks. Stan and I would especially like to thank Ron Bank for his technical assistance in putting together this latest Master Journal.

2021 glock club matrix and master journal

As you may know, the Master Journal is revised and published each time GLOCK introduces a new pistol. And in the past few years there have been many GLOCK pistols released. The the most current pistols to be introduced are the Gen5 .40 S&W guns. There are five .40 S&W Gen5 guns released: G22, G22 MOS, G23, G23 MOS, G27 and G35 MOS. The Matrix has been updated to reflect the First Run of new Gen5 .40 caliber pistols. The Matrix is also part of the Master Journal.

glock cutaway guns

For this Master Journal we bulked up the issue to 38 pages of GLOCK specs, history, lore, and trivia. One notable story is about GLOCK cutaway pistols and we have images of the original G17 cutaway used by the former Vice President of GLOCK Inc., USA. Image how many police chiefs around the nation were first introduced to GLOCK pistol with this gun.

glock g19 gen1

Another interesting story is about the development of the G19, which is the most popular GLOCK pistol model. Many trainers consider the G19 the entry GLOCK as it is near perfect for conceal carry, has excellent balance, and is easy to shoot. Did you realize the G19 was developed by cutting down a G17? Yes, Gaston's guys took a saw to a G17 to create the G19. We have images of the actual first G19 pistol created. Plus we have early GLOCK G19 serial numbers and prefixes.

As a member you receive a copy of the latest Master Journal with your membership. Once all members in good standing receive the Master Journal, we will release the Master Journal to non-members. See, there are benefits and privileges to being a GCA member.


  • Chris: We are sending copies of the 2021 Master Journal to all members in good standing. Once members receive their copy we will offer the 2021 MJ on the GCA website. I’ll send a email notifying email subscribers.

  • Jesse: You can join GCA via the website.
    Greg: Great question. We have a close relationship with GLOCK and they include GCA in the GLOCK Annual every year. Let me ask them!

  • I would like to be a member too.

    Jesse l Lutton
  • Very cool

    Dale Riccetti
  • Love my Glock 34 Gen 5. Don’t leave home without it.
    Can’t wait for the 2021 Master Journal.
    Thank you Glock for a superb weapon.

    Timothy M Keane

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