Shield Arms S15 Magazine For G34X and G48

When the G43X and G48 were introduced a lot of users thought the size of the grip's girth was just right. Those with smaller hands liked the single stack magazine and thinner grip. But with the new grip came some gripes. (Some people you just can't please.) It's only a 10-round capacity magazine. Long story short is GLOCK wanted to provide pistols to shooters in states were a 10-round magazine is mandated. Plus these pistol met Canadian pistol laws.

So to satisfy the More-Is-Better shooter, Shield Arms introduced a 15-round magazine for the G43X and G48 and there is not a magazine extension sticking out of the grip. This is a flush fit magazine.

shield arms s15 glock magazine

The big difference, other than the capacity, is the Shield magazine is made of steel. Using steel allowed Shield engineers to create a magazine body that is thinner and  allowing the extra 5 rounds.

shield glock magazine

Shield recommends swapping out the plastic OEM mag catch with a metal magazine catch:

"Steel being harder than plastic, eventually using S15 mags with a plastic catch will cause feeding problems. How long this will take depends on a bunch of different factors, most importantly, your specific gun and how much you shoot. We have guns with plastic catches with many hundreds of rounds that are still functional, but some customers report excessive wear after just a couple hundred rounds. Feeding issues also seem to occur much faster in early gen 1 (silver slide) guns with plastic catches vs. gen 2 (black slide) guns because of the differences in the frames."

You can read Shield's full explanation here.

We've reached out to Shield Arms for a sample and we'll let you know what we think. We know what you're thinking: More Better, More Good. If you have tried the Shield Arms S15 GLOCK magazine, let us know what you think.


  • All: Thanks for the feedback. We’ve contact Shield Arms about getting a sample. Has anyone used a non Shield Arms metal magazine catch? I’m wonder how other aftermarket metal magazine catches work.

  • very interested in your 15 rd. magazines

    dan ivie
  • I have been running two Shield mags in my 48 with a 43 slide for several months ( installed the metal mag release). Recently had feeding problem with one mag. Shield sent me a +10 mag spring; problem solved. Suggestion: When running these mags keep your slide clean and lubed. ( Glocks don’t take a lot of lube be frugal applying it). Any grit in the rails together with the extra spring tension might slow the slide. You’ll feel this when the slide moves during recoil.

  • I have had Gen 1 and Gen 2 43x since they each came out and 48 also. When I could, I purchased 18 of the Shield 15 and the metal magazine catch installed on all 3. They perform excellently!!
    The Gen 2 43x has been my carry with the Shield 15, ever since!! Great combination!!

    Richard Shelton
  • I ran about 50 rounds through my G48 with this 15 round mag with no failures. I’ll probably get a new mag release just to be safe.


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