Not the Best Angelina Jolie Movie, But There was a GLOCK

salt Angelina Jolie movie glock

A live firing GLOCK 19 pistol (Serial # KKT344) used by Angelina Jolie as “Evelyn Salt” in the motion picture Salt (2010) also starring Liev Schreiber. The actress used this gun in several scenes during the extended battle sequence that takes place under St. Bart’s Cathedral in New York. After using the subway tunnels to sneak into an underground crypt, Salt attacks a Secret Service agent and knocks this gun out of his hand before taking him down and then uses it to incapacitate a SWAT team member who arrives on the scene before making her way deeper into the labyrinth. Jolie fired this weapon in the scene when she shoots the cathedral organ during her mission to kill the president of Russia, who is attending the funeral of the American vice president.

salt Angelina Jolie glock 19

A version of this Glock 19 is also featured in one of the official studio trailers for the movie, and Jolie can also be seen holding this type of Glock in a promotional image on the film’s official web site. The gun was set up to fire “full” blank loads for maximum flash and bang during the sequence.

salt Angelina Jolie movie glock 19

Here's a link to the trailer:

salt movie glock

The winning bid on the G19 Gen 3 was $1280. Accompanying the GLOCK was a certificate of authenticity, production rental paperwork, and a copy of the film.

salt Angelina Jolie glock g19

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