New GLOCK P80 Pistol

New GLOCK P80 Pistol

GLOCK announced today the launch of the new--actually old new--Pistole 80. The GLOCK P80 is the pistol where it all began. This is the pistol purchased by the Austrian Military back in 1982. It is also the pistol that caused the entire world to rethink the combat handgun.
GLOCK p 80
The GLOCK P80 is true to the original but with some modern updates. The first think is the First Generation frame. Notice no finger grooves on the grip and a pebble texture that wraps around the entire grip. There is no accessory rail, has the Gen1 trigger guard and the original style flat extractor. Also note the single pin frame.
glock pistole 80
The new GLOCK p80 comes in an original, peel top "tupperware" box that is packed in a collectable overbox and includes a certificate of authenticity.

I you always wanted a Gen1 G17 style pistol, this is you opportunity. At am MSRP of $669.00 it is less expensive and in a whole lot better condition than an original Gen1 G17. Buy 2. Shoot the snot out of one and keep one a pristine safe queen.

According to my sources at Lipsey's the GLOCK P 80 projects has been in play for over a year. I heard about this top-secret project brewing between GLOCK and Lipsey's but nothing more until a few weeks ago when I was asked to sign an NDA. The new pistol arrived the next week in the "Tupperware" box. The collectable overbox arrived three weeks later. When I went to my dealer to pick it up, they thought I was transferring an older used GLOCK--and these guys are stocking GLOCK dealers. I didn't say anything. The New GLOCK P*) looks so much like an original Gen1 gun, it could fool anyone.

I ran the gun the next day at a public range, where everyone thought I was some gray beard exercising his GLOCK Gen1 pistol. Hey, I'm under an NDA. They'll figure it out when the November/December issue of Combat Handguns hits newsstands on September 1.


  • I’d it a 9mm ? And will
    It be available in .40 ?

  • You can’t purchase directly on the Lipsey’s website, but you can go to their dealer finder and contact a Lipsey’s dealer in your area to order.

  • Does it use the old single recoil spring system?

    Mark Fricke
  • THANK YOU Robert for taking the time to bring this very interesting ‘Gen. 1’ G-17 to our attention. Personally, I feel these will be a sell out, especially if they remain as an limited production item. I believe it will primarily be the true Glock collector who ended up purchasing these, as in this day & age, almost all pistols shooters demand an accessory rail. As for me, well yes, I would like one just to have, but as I already possess an extremely accurate & reliable almost mint condition Gen. 2 G-17 from 1991, do I really need one ? THANKS again !!

    Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr. /
    Domenic Pastore Jr.
  • When is the release date?


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