New GLOCK G47 for LE Only

Buried in a press release from GLOCK was an interesting bit of info on a new G47 model. Keep reading. Its at the end.

GLOCK announced yesterday that it had been awarded

a contract to supply U.S. Customs and Border Protection with the newest generation of GLOCK pistols.

The contract calls for the replacement of existing .40 caliber duty handguns with 9X19 GLOCK pistols by 2021. Duty weapons will be replaced for CBP law enforcement personnel and additional Department of Homeland Security units which have chosen to purchase through the contract.

Said Josh Dorsey, Vice President of GLOCK, "The comprehensive and arduous testing and evaluation process demonstrates that GLOCK pistols continue to deliver unmatched performance and value, giving all agents the confidence they need to succeed and survive in any situation.”

The award incorporates several models, all featuring GLOCK’s newest 5th generation technology. Included are the GLOCK 19 Gen5 MOS, the GLOCK 26 Gen5, and the newly developed GLOCK 47. The GLOCK 47 incorporates a full-size slide with a G45 frame. The GLOCK 47 was developed for the solicitation and is not available to consumers. All three models feature a flared magwell for faster magazine changes, the match-grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) for enhanced accuracy, and will be outfitted with Ameriglo BOLD sights.



  • Bob, all those H&K’s are heading for destruction. Your tax dollars at work.

  • Great to see Glock’s extra effort, willingness to create new models for the US LEO market. And looks like another batch of used LEO 40 cals headed our way for inexpensive purchase.

  • OK, correction… Customs and Border PROTECTION (used to be Patrol), sorry.

  • DHS = Department if Homeland Security
    CBP = Customs and Border Patrol (a department within DHS)

  • What the acronyms mean DHS CBP?


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