GLOCK Offers Agencies G45 Pistol Optics Packages

Think optics on pistols is a passing fad? GLOCK would say other wise. MOS pistols are the norm, not the exception. The current generation guns all have “MOS” variants. GLOCK also recently announced the “G45 Pistol Optics Packages … available for Agency purchase only.”
glock g45 MOS agency gun
According to sources, the G45 MOS “Direct Cut” is available with (1) either Ameriglo Non-Tritium front/rear sights or (2) Ameriglo black outline tritium front with non-tritium rear sights. The optics available is one of the following: Aimpoint ACRO P2, Trijicon SRO or RM06, or the Holosun 508T or 509T. The guns aren’t available so configured for individual officer purchase – only for agencies.

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  • Great idea. I just got a 45 MOS and I’m going to set it up the same way. Thanks for the great idea. I’m also a Palm Beach County Deputy. We are now issued the MOS 17 with RMR 06, Ameriglo Sights with front sight Tritium outlined in red with Surefire X300UA light. The Gen 5 17 MOS is an outstanding pistol! What a great organization.

    John E Swistak

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