More on the GLOCK 44

The G44 is really light weight. It weighs 15.94 ounces unloaded. A G19 weighs 30.16 ounces. And, if you are wondering, it has the typical GLOCK trigger. I dry fired it next to a G19 and could not tell the difference. Width is 1.26 Inches and the width of a G19 is 1.34 inches.

glock g44

The slide is made of steel and polymer to provide lightweight and to cycle with .22 LR ammo. GLOCK will be providing a T&E for testing. I've been told it is as accurate as a fixed barrel 22 pistol.

glock event

The G44 looks like a G19 but is chambered in .22 LR.


There are a few shared components between the G44 and G19. The internal mechanism on the G44 is designed around the .22 LR cartridge.

glock 44 slide

The slide is constructed of both polymer and steel to reduce mass so the G44 functions with .22 LR. Over 12K rounds were fired during product development with all types of .22 LR cartridges. Part of the challenge in designing a .22 LR pistol is ensuring it runs on all types of ammo.

glock 44 rimfire

In hand, the G44 is a feels like a G19 except a whole lot lighter.


  • I did not hear anything about G17 mags, but I did see a threaded barrel version. The G44 magazine holds 10 rounds.

    Robert Sadowski
  • will glock make 17 rd mags for the g44???

  • How many bullets does it hold?

    Tim Stowe

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