More on the Glock G43X and G48

I've talked to and visited a bunch of gun shop and the shop managers and guys behind the counter tell me they can't keep the G43X in stock. The consensus is the G43X is more popular than the G48 due to the shorter barrel. Many dealers can't keep the G43X pistols in stock. Of the shops I visted, I found one store that had a G48 in in the display case. All the shops had sold out of G43X models as soon as they stocked their shelves. I'm also hearing from some that the G43 is better since it is smaller in size and easier to conceal carry. The G43X does increase magazine capacity but it does so by increasing the size of the grip. Some have said "if you can't get it done with 6 shots, 10 shots is going to make much difference." Not sure I agree with that logic. More is better in my book. 
I've heard gripes and comments about the G48 being too big for conceal carry and why conceal carry a 10-shot pistols versus one with more capacity. I suspect these individuals have not taken into consideration the grip size and shootability of the smaller grip for shooters with smaller hands. My guess is the G48 was really designed for the Canadian market where a handguns needs to have a barrel at least 105 millimeters (4.1 inches) in length. The G48 satisfies that requirement while the G43X does not.

Samples guns have been shipped so we'll keep you in the loop. Keep calm and Glock on.

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