Always Wanted a GLOCK G18? Check Out Franklin Armory

Haven't you always wanted a Glock 18? A full auto pistol that squirts out 33 rounds in a blink of an eye! Well, the new Franklin Armory Binary Glock Trigger will get you as close to a G18 as you can get without jumping through NFA hoops. I've run a Franklin Armory Binary AR-15 Trigger and can tell you I needed a screwdriver to remove the grin from my face. Of course that was when 5.56 ammo was inexpensive.

franklin armory glock binary trigger

What's a Glock Binary Trigger?

The Franklin Armory binary Glock trigger works like other binary triggers. In binary mode, a pull on the trigger fires one round, and releasing the trigger fires a second round. You can get real close to shooting an AR with a rate of fire similar as a fully automatic weapon. But here the legal disclaimer, because the binary trigger requires separate actions to fire each round, the guns are still legally semi-automatic.

Franklin armory bianary trigger for glock

The Glock binary trigger ships with more than just a trigger. The kit includes a new slide for the pistol which has a selector switch on it. With the selector up, the gun fires normally. Flip it down however, and the Glock will fire a round on pull and a round on release.

The new binary trigger is currently only available for Gen 3 Glock 17s. The trigger is a fairly complicated mechanism to produce so the MSRP is about at $899. Franklin Armory said the kits will be ready to ship by Q2 of 2022.

binary glock trigger


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