How many pounds is a GLOCK trigger pull?

GLOCK pistols, unlike a lot of other handguns available today, offer the shooter the ability to quickly change the trigger pull of his or her pistol. Additionally since the trigger pulls the firing pin to the rear until it reaches a point where it falls away thereby firing the weapon, unlike many handguns you do not have to worry about a light trigger pull causing the weapon to fire prematurely as the recoil impact allows the sear to jump out of position firing the weapon. This. means the trigger can actually be. quite light and still the shooter will not encounter premature discharges. GLOCK trigger pulls commonly come in 4-1/2, 5, 7-1/2, 8 or 11 pound pulls. You can a!so modify it a bit to split the difference at some levels and, of course, the heavier firing pin spring so useful for the thicker European military surplus primers will also because the trigger pull to be heavier. As noted, a nice feature of the GLOCK is that the trigger springs and connector can be removed and replaced rapidly with no fitting. This then allows the shooter to test the same pistol with different weight trigger pulls to determine what pull is best and which is likely to be less so.

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