Gun Trader's Guide 44th Edition Is On Book Shelves and Amazon


Gun Traders Guide 44th edition

I've been editing the Gun Trader's Guide (GTG) for years and it is a labor of love. From a collecting and value perspective, GTG is invaluable for understanding models and model variants as well as understanding the current value of popular firearms. I also like to take a look at what famous and infamous firearms sold at auction the previous year. Last year a slew of Old West six-shooters were sold that belonged to likes of Pat Garrett and John Wesley Hardin, to name a few. The Hollywood cowboy himself--John Wayne--also had his movie six-shooter sell at auction. Finally, I have always been a fan of Marlin rifles and when Marlin went belly up a few years back it was a sad day. The good news is Marlin is back under the leadership of Ruger. The 44th Edition of GTG is available on Amazon. If you have a question about a firearm's value, post a comment and I'll get back to you. And, in case you were wondering, GTG has current values for all Glock handguns.

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