GLOCK's Original .380 AUTOs G25 and G28 LE-Only

glock beveled breech block

The first two .380 AUTO pistols designed by GLOCK were not intended for the US market but for markets in countries primarily in South America, that prohibit civilian ownership of firearms chambered in military calibers such as 9x19mm Parabellum.

glock 25 vs glock 42
In order to get the pistol to work with the .380 AUTO cartridge, the basic GLOCK locking block design had to be re-engineered as a blowback pistol system. This makes the G25 and G28 pistols unique to other GLOCK pistols. All GLOCKs except for the G25 and G28 use a short recoil, locked breech, tilting barrel. The typical action originally designed by John Browning. In most blowback actions, the breech is not locked at the time of firing. The inertia of the slide and recoil spring, relative to the weight of the bullet, delay opening of the breech until the bullet has left the barrel. A distinguishing feature of both pistols is the shape of the breech block. The front edge of the breech is beveled which allows the pistol to operate as blowback mechanism. The back of the magazine body is also unique allowing users to know visually and tactically it is a .380 AUTO magazine.

glock g28
As an unlocked mechanism, The G25 and G28 fall below the importation points requirements for the United States. Even though the G25 is about the same size as the G19 and the G28 is comparable to the size of a G26, the G25 and G28 both lose points due to the...Read more in the 2020 GCA Journal.


  • Nice to see the Glock 28 introduced, my wife loves it! Great shooter and a Great training pistol for people just starting out or those that simply need less recoil. Very Happy with our purchase…


  • I wish Glock would set up to sell the G25 here in the United States, I know so many people that love the .380 caliber and look to other Manufacturer’s to purchase because the G42 does not fit there hand well. The EZ in a nice pistol but the same people I know, many woman have a difficult time with engaging the grip safety.

  • I have often wondered why the market has not moved up from 9mm instead of down to .380 for countries that do not allow the civilian ownership of military caliber handguns. The super 38 was popular in much of south America for years and now with the introduction of the .30 super our southern neighbors may have more choices if Glock decides to jump in.


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