GLOCK's Big Reveal In Late 2019 Was The G44 Rimfire

 glock 44 review

We were all guessing what GLOCK's big reveal would be this past December. My money was on a model G44. Others thought maybe a full-size, single-stack .45 AUTO.

Glock 44 muzzle
I've been fortunate to be invited to new firearm product launches and the invite I received from GLOCK gave me no clue what to expect. On the big day I was in the audience as GLOCK launched the G44 live in U.S., their first .22 LR rimfire. While the G44 is very unique from a GLOCK brand perspective, it is also very much the same. It’s the same size as G19 and with other features you'd expect in a GLOCK pistol: striker-fire trigger, polymer frame and magazine, and plastic sights. It is super lightweight weighing only 15.94 ounces unloaded. The G44 use a simple blow-back mechanism similar to the G25 and G28. I received a G44 sample prior to the January 2020 release and have started to run it. I like rimfire pistols and this new GLOCK is a fun plinker as well as a great training gun. Think of it as a G19 with training wheels. Read more in the 2020 GCA Journal.

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  • It about time Glock made a 22. Love it. Cheap training.

    Tin Soldier

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