GLOCK To Phase Out Gen4 40 S&W Pistols

glock g22 review

GLOCK is phasing out the Gen4 40 S&W pistols. That's no surprise since GLOCK announced the introduction of .40 S&W caliber Gen5 pistols. There are still plenty of G22 Gen4 pistols available. Should you grab one before they are gone? Here's a GLOCK G22 Gen4 review from

"One of the most popular law-enforcement handguns is the GLOCK G22. The G22 is a full-size handgun with a 4.49-inch barrel. Since the introduction of GLOCK pistols, there have been only subtle changes, and most people still think of the GLOCK as being available without options or variation. But we’ve been able to purchase different models with upgrades to the trigger, sights, slide release, magazine release, and other operational components. Gen 4 GLOCK pistols  offer an aggressive grip texture and a choice of three different backstrap profiles...

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  • You can still find Gen4 guns at your dealer and on online auctions.

  • So I can’t get a Glock Gen 4 gun?


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