GLOCK To Drop Gen 4 Models

Again rumors, but I hear that GLOCK is going to discontinue Gen 4 pistols. My understanding is the company wants to focus on new technology such as the Gen 5 models. I do hear that GLOCK will still service Gen4 pistols and there will be plenty of replacement parts. Bye-bye GLOCK 40 auto Gen 4 pistols.

glock drops gen 4 pistols

From a brand perspective it makes sense. Why have legacy product like the Gen 4 pistols when the newer and better gen 5 pistols are what you want customers to focus on.


There are still plenty of LE agencies equipped with the .40 AUTO.

Is 40 more powerful than 9mm?

Heck, yes! The .40 AUTO has more kinetic energy  than the 9mm due to higher projectile mass given equal velocity. Higher energy and a wider, flatter bullet make the .40 objectively better than 9mm FMJ in most circumstances. The greatest advantage with the .40 Auto is that it is substantially more powerful than 9mm in most handguns.


  • Hi,
    I just bought your book, and I’ve been reading every page. Somewhere around page 29, I think I read that the 17 in the G17 was named after the 17 specs of the Austrian Defense Ministry that he had to design his first model. When I told my instructor, he told me it was named after his first pattern number. He also referenced a few other publications. Can you tell me if what I think I read was correct or did I jump to my own conclusions?

    Sal Runfola
  • I have a pal that likes the G23. He can shoot tight groups with it and the snappy recoil doesn’t bother him.

  • The shorty forty is a great pistol carbine cartridge. The shorty forty does a lot.

    Lex Batone

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