GLOCK Retro P80 in Jan./Feb. Combat Handguns

I still get jazzed when one of my stories makes the cover and I'm especially pleased with GLOCK and Lipsey's reintroduction of the P80. This is essentially a G17 Gen1 pistol with some updates. You can read the full review in the Jan./Feb. issue of Combat Handguns. I'm not sure when it will hit newsstands so keep an eye out for it. I think it a great read but let me know what you think.

lipseys p80

What I like about the P80 is you get the GLOCK First Generation experience with a new gun. If you can find a G17 Gen1 it is mostly likely well used. And you know what some Gen1 gun look like. I doubt many Gen1 GLOCK 17 pistols are still in use. Heck, it was the 1980s when they became available in the US.

Spolier alert! I like the captured recoil guide rod. Remember the Gen1 pistols with separate recoil spring and guide rod. Life is so much easier with a captured set up.


  • This is cool. Won’t need to shoot my original Gen One. Where can I get one?

    Mad Max
  • I just love the look of 1st generation guns.


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