GLOCK Mariner G19 Gen3

We have received a bunch of emails about the GLOCK Mariner pistol and this is what we have on the Mariner.

glock mariner lipseys
GLOCK manufactured these G19 Gen3 pistols for a foreign military contract that was canceled. GLOCK did say who, but from what we have heard they were most likely made for the Philippines military as they are similar to other Philippines GLOCKs. The guns were spec’d with maritime spring cups, three 15-round magazines with +2 GLOCK factory extensions on them, and they are marked Mariner on the right side of the slide near the muzzle. All of this was done at the GLOCK factory, so they are U.S. built and were made for export. The boxes have lime green labels on them with Part # E1955206EM3. The total amount of guns is about 3900, and Lipseys bought them from GLOCK.

glock mariner pistol
Lipseys is currently sold out and my guess is there will not be any more available.
That’s all we know about the GLOCK Mariner at this time. If we happen to get our hands on one, we'll give you a GLOCK Mariner review. Has anyone picked up a GLOCK Mariner? If so let us know.

mariner glock g 19


  • Just snagged one here in the Kansas City area, this was the second one they had and the shop was oblivious to the information behind it. I had to educate them about it being for foreign export with the green label.

  • I would love to buy one also if they are found

  • Primary Arms has them.

  • Hi guys one question can I buy one are there any available thanks

    Brian Harriman
  • we have 2 of them

    scott o mcnutt /S&S Firearms

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