GLOCK-Issued Patches Have Evolved Just Like The Pistols

glock gen 3 patch

Since GLOCK has been producing pistols they have also been creating embroidered patches to commemorate the launch of their pistols. Patches are common marketing swag. Many other firearms manufacturers at one time or another have given away patches at industry events such as the SHOT Show and the NRA Show. When GLOCK attended their first SHOT Show the booth was, to
be kind, meager at best. It consisted of a table with a gray wool blanket with the GLOCK logo and one pistol, the G17 Gen1. If you have every attended
these shows or any industry trade show the booths are typically over the top with displays and exhibits designed to draw in foot traffic and engage
show attendees.

glock gen 5 pvc patch
The original GLOCK patches were cloth with a gold background with black embroidery. These are ultra rare as many of these patches were given to
Chiefs of Police by GLOCK salesman. It is interesting to note that GLOCK started with the word "PERFECTION" on the patch. This may have confused customers since at that time GLOCK was an unknown brand. Read more in the 2020 GCA Journal.

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  • Does Glock still give out patches?


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