GLOCK G37 Gen3 Review and 45 GAP

I had the opportunity to reacquaint myself with the 45 GAP. I bought a used G37 Gen3 for a song. The 45 GAP is a unique caliber that does exactly what it was designed to do. We like the G37, though we fear ammunition is a bit harder to obtain, and that’s reflected in the lower score.

Glock G 37 Gen 3


$380 USED, $539 NEW

The new price is a recent cite from We’ve tested the G37 Gen 3 and gave it a Buy It rating in the past. Unfortunately, this go-round, the G37 received a slightly lower grade, but not due to the performance of the pistol. We still think this pistol performed well, but the issue is ammo availability. Not that the news of the 45 GAP’s demise is greatly exaggerated; 45 GAP is fairly easy to come by and as expensive as either 45 Auto or 10mm ammo. Federal and Remington have discontinued manufacture of the caliber, but Winchester, Sellier & Bellot, MagTech, Speer and Underwood websites all list the caliber. Finding this ammo in stock at a dealer is not likely, so we purchased our ammo online. Getting ammo for this pistol can be more difficult than the more-popular 45 ACP, and we have to ding it for that...

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glock g37 sights

glock g 37 gen3 magazine release


  • Love my 39, and plan to get the 37 and 38. Keep making that ammo!

    Patrick W. Millen
  • I’m a fan of the 45 GAP. I have a 37, 38 and 39.


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